Educational Rural Welfare Soceity

Educational Rural Welfare Society (ERWS) was founded with vision growth of education, child development, women empowerment & youth development in 2011. The Vision & mission of Educational Rural Welfare Society is to provide access and opportunities for research and education both in residential and distance and open mode learning leading to employment and income generation, to promote and conduct research and training. ERWS has involved in three main activities:

National Institute of Industrial Training and Development (NIITD) has continuously supported working professional people to upgrade and become expert in their own job field. And ERWS research and uniquely designed courses for working professional people in different industries which is General Technical Courses without equipments. “The True Purpose of NIITD Is Help You to Certify Your Skills & Profile”

Atal computer shaksharta abhiyaan (ACSA) is committed to provide high quality I.T. & Computer education across the state. The key benefit is flexibility of learning anytime anywhere. The curriculum combines latest academic knowledge with international competence. At ACSA we dedicate our intellectual resources to advancing the frontiers of I.T. & Computer knowledge and educating future leaders. In a global, culturally diverse & technologically advanced social arena, characterized by rapid change and complex interdependencies. Since business is a powerful propellant of progress and economic development, the individuals who lead business are called upon to play increasingly important roles in the society. To meet these challenges ACSA imparts most cutting-edge, research-driven knowledge and skills in a targeted dynamic and productive way to suit the needs of employers in industrial and corporate sectors. At ACSA we ensure that our students become complete and successful technology expert in the shortest possible time and make a very bright future for a better life.

Women Empowerment -: Erws started career and income oriented workshops of beauty parlor training and cooking training for women’s of every categories and help them to become self depended and live in community with their glory, erws also run many programs to help and support to girl child’s.

Child Development -: Erws working for poor child to help them to make their good future, we counseling their parents how to help and support their children’s to make their future bright, we especially counseling girl Childs parents and also aware them about government schemes run for children’s empowerment